Applied/Experimental Sound Research Lab


The ÆSR Lab is divided into three sub-labs. The Mobile Lab for mobile sound field research, the Sound Projection Lab for experimental sound projection and the Field Recording & Digitization/Restoration Lab for field recordings, restoration of historical sound carriers and their digitisation. The labs are available to scientists, artists, students and the interested public for research purposes.

Mobile Lab

Mobile sound laboratory for field research with a focus on experimental work in the field of sound art. The mobile lab is a research unit designed as a vehicle trailer (the size of a caravan) and includes a variety of sound projection and recording capabilities, processing station, and sound system.

  • Head of Mobile Lab: Karl Salzmann
  • Zentrum Fokus Forschung / University of Applied Arts Vienna

Sound Projection Lab

The central component of this lab is a mobile and modular sound projection system for spatial acoustic design. In the context of musical composition, performance and installation art, it enables work with different projection strategies, such as beamforming, wave field synthesis and ambisonics.

  • Head of Sound Projection Lab: Thomas Grill
  • Coordination: Jonas Hammerer
  • mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

Field Recording & Digitization/Restauration Lab

This lab has a focus on field recording methods and techniques. In addition, it offers opportunities in the field of physical restoration of historical sound carriers as well as their digitization.

  • Head of Field Recording & Digitization/Restoration Lab: Kerstin Klenke
  • Coordination: Jasemin Khaleli
  • Phonogrammarchiv / Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften